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Marie Lumholtz

Marie Lumholtz



My passion is to facilitate somatic epxeriences with my cleints so they experince the change they are looking for.


Training and education



  • Certified  Pantarei Approach practitioner, Berlin, 2017
  • Qualified Grinberg Method Practitioner, Berlin / Spain, 2011 – 2016
  • Certified Anusara yoga Teacher, USA, 2007 – 2010
  • In depth studies of “Srividya, the Tantric traditions of auspicious Wisdom”, Dr. Douglas Brooks, Ph.D. 2001 – present.
  • Yoga Teacher training, 200 hours w. Amy Ippoliti in New York, Anusara Style, 2002
  • Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York, 2000
  • Uddannet Ingeniør i Eksport og Teknologi, Teknikum (i dag DTU), 1985 – 1990



Additional training

  • “Dealing with past Traumas” training, Pantarei Approach, Berlin, 2017
  • The Marketing Seminar, Seth Godin, 2017
  • ‘A woman’s consideration’, a 8 months in-depth Intensive Woman’s movement and transformation training program, Ariel Daunay, Copenhagen, 2011 – 2012




The most cherished things I´ve experienced in my life I encountered with my gut feeling. I didn´t always know what I was looking for. Often the meeting with people changed the course of my life. My guide in these specific moments was my body and the attention I place on it. I was often attracted to things that didn´t make any sense to my mind and intellect. But I trusted the sensation in my body enough that I allowed myself to experience new things and make changes many times in my life.

I´m deeply interested in people, their bodies, and how they live their lives. The B

body fascinates me because it expresses who we are and our potential. How we handle life and the challenges we encounter has everything to do with how we feel in and about our body.

We are trained in logic. We find solutions mainly by our capacity to think and understand. We choose based on logical assumptions and conclusions. I have worked with the body for 16 years and have seen people live more of their potential and feel better after they learn to increase body attention.

I´m currently working in Copenhagen where I offer somatic learning processes based on the Grinberg Method. You can read more about what I offer here.



I lived in the US for 14 years. I lived a fulfilling life as a yoga teacher and nutritional coach. I live in a great place, travelled and lived my dream. And yet I experienced a discontent with myself and my life. I experienced a continuous restlessness. An anxiety accompanied by a sensation of being alone.

Through yoga, nutrition and working with different healers and coaches I tried to stop the anxiety and restlessness. Everything I did provided insights and release but it didn´t allow me to fully let go of the restlessness.

I worked as a yoga instructor for 11 year. Throughout those years I was troubled by many physical injuries. I was practicing a disciplined and rigorous method. Trying to master the poses my body was kept in old repetitive patterns that lead to injuries. It was only when I let go of practicing and teaching this rigorous method and allowed body attention to guide my practice and teaching that my body started to heal.

Simultaneously, I had a wish for a more direct and intimate connection with thepeople I taught. I wanted the opportunity to participate in a person´s struggle to let go of old automatic limiting patterns and assisting them on the path to more personal freedom.



I tried my first Grinberg Session in 2010. Right away I sensed that something about the method was different than other bodywork methods and treatments that I had tried. To a greater extend it was up to me in the session to use my will and attention to achieve the desired outcome. In this way I learned something that I was able to use actively in my life and change things I wished to change.

After a few sessions I experienced less pain, more stillness and more energy. It felt fantastic and I wanted more. I learned that I am responsible for my well-being and create the stillness I was looking for. The more I invested in what I learned and trained, the more I experienced things in my life change. Many of the things that changed were things I thought were a part of my personality, and that I would never be able to change.

Meeting the Grinberg Method made we want to include its approach to working with the body in my work and I decided to start the professional training.

What I have always liked about GM is that it allows us to take greater responsibility for our well-being, health and satisfaction in life. In my work I join my client in a partnership. Therefore it is partially up to the client to what extend he/she utilizes what he/she learns in his/her life and experience the change he/she wants.

I consider myself lucky that I have an occupation, which allows me to touch a person´s life in a profound and transformative way.