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How I work


I work in a structured way to teach my clients how to increase their body attention. It happens through a partnership between the client and I. The learning exchange is focused on the body.


Increased body attention is achieved through different techniques and tools: touch, movement, physical exercises, instruction and description. Through the body you learn to be more physical. To be more physical implies learning to raise the level of energy and allow new experiences and qualities, i.e. strength, joy or silence.


The aim of our collaboration is to teach you – the client – to recognize and stop repeating automatic patterns that cause you to react automatically and not from your own freedom. When you manage to stop an automatic pattern it gives you access to the energy that you invested in the pattern and you are able to move towards increased wellbeing, health and more options.


Read about 1:1 process here.




My work i based on the Grinberg method and is not a treatment or therapy. It is a method based on learning through the body. The client learns to pay attention to and recognize different areas in the body that express a specific pattern. The client learns to gain control over the pattern so it no longer limits him/her. It happens in the sessions as well as in the life of the client in between sessions.

The client will learn new ways of breathing, different than his/her own personal style of breathing. When you learn to breathe fully and naturally it will generate more energy in the body. This increased level of energy is necessary to create a lasting change.




Pain is a strong communicator that informs us when something is wrong in the body. People have never learnt to deal with pain in a constructive and responsible way. Pain is typically something we shouldn´t experience and that we are not able to control. We try to get rid of any pain we feel. We try not to feel it or ignore it. We can learn to stop our reaction to pain and bring all our attention to the experience of pain. This allows the body to restitute, repair and re-balance.


Fear is a necessary experience and its function is to warn you that there is danger or that something needs to change. If fear is experienced fully, it initiates resources that we need in extreme situations i.e. more energy, clarity, focus, quickness or silence.

Most people regard fear as an experience that is unwanted and is to be avoided. They use a lot of energy in the attempt to avoid situations that can set off fear. They try to ignore it, become numb to it or are very afraid of fear itself. In this attempt people start to repeat the same things in life, without daring to dream or feel their wishes. Putting up with circumstances and unwanted situations in life reduces the experience of fear and your level of energy that could be used to make a change.