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Success stories

A warmer person

Through the process I learned to better feel my needs and the needs of my body. The feelings are stronger: the joy is more intense; the sadness is more profound and at the same time manageable. My level of stress is reduced and I am more satisfied. I experience my life as calmer. I also hope that I have become a warmer person.

Eva N. Lawyer

Increased confidence, reduced stress

I completed a 4 months process with Marie. It was fantastic!
Learning to feel my body allowed me to experience how things from the past affect me today, bodily as well as mentally. I experienced how my body reacts when I am stressed or nervous. I learned specific tools to break these habits and patterns and now I have more options. Today I use the tools when I am stressed or have to perform. I have learned to recognize my body´s reaction to stress and I experience that it makes me better at handling insecurity and anxiety.
I warmly recommend a process with Marie.

Signe L., Pilates instructor

Performing with no effort

The process with Marie has given me an experience of the quality and extent of my own energy. I learned to feel my body, especially through breathing. In intense work situations I am now calmer and have more energy and perform effortlessly. Generally, I feel my heart more and feel an expanded love towards my surroundings.

Peter E., Project Manager

Stopped hiding

The process with Marie has taught me to be more present in my body and not use it as a hiding place. I feel more confident and I am physically and mentally able to enter a new space and meet new challenges.

Lara S., Student

More control and more options

Through my process with Marie I experienced a change in several areas, for example in my relation to my children in specific and repeating conflicts. I experienced having more options to act and that the situation no longer controlled me. On the contrary I had access to more resources and was able to navigate with more energy and take responsibility for the situation.

Birgitte H., Cand.IT

Got a dream job

I gained a lot from my process and learned many things. I´m a better listener and hear what other people say to me and in that way I pay attention to reality around me. I have more energy and time. Things are more manageable and I am calmer. During my process I applied for a dream job and got it. When I went to the interview I felt grounded and able to breathe (all the way into my belly) and pay attention before I spoke.

Anonymous, Copenhagen